Curly Girl method with drugstore products

Curly Girl Methode mit Drogerieprodukten

You’re probably wondering Curly what….today I’ll explain a little something about the Curly Girl method and tell you what drugstore products work for me.

I have natural curls…and until a few months ago, I really didn’t like them at all. In the past, I always preferred to have straight beautiful hair and of course I often straightened my hair accordingly. If I ever wore my natural curls – then everyone thought they would look so beautiful. Many envied me for my curls and I them for their straight hair ;).

I think you always want what you don’t have, right? Somehow I was just never happy with my general hair situation and looking back I have to say that it was probably just because of the “wrong” care back then. A little disclaimer up front – the Curly Girl method is currently the way to go for me. Of course, this does not mean that everyone who has natural curls must strictly perform this method – to each his own. Today I simply present you my way – how I learned to love my natural curls and what products I use for it.

Curly Girl Method or Curly Hair Method

About a year ago I first heard about the CGM (Curly Girl Method) in a Facebook group. At first I didn’t know exactly what it was, so I did some research and since then I’ve been active in a few groups on Facebook. I would personally recommend this to everyone at the beginning. Here there are just incredibly many tips, albums for the right products, experience values and much more.

The method is based on the book “Curly Girl” by Lorraine Massey. Among other things, it is also similar to the “no-poo” variant – that is, you wash your hair without shampoo with sulfates and only with conditioner which are considered “safe”. There are some rules or basics for CGM to get the best potential out of your curls. The results are different for everyone of course, what works great for me may not work so well for your hair. As with everything, pay attention to what exactly your hair needs and what you want to achieve.

For whom is the Curly Girl method suitable?

For anyone who has naturally wavy or curly hair – whether men, women or children. As already mentioned, it is usually worthwhile to adopt only some parts of the method. Even if you’ve developed your own hair care routine over the years – it’s worth revisiting it with the help of CGM.

“If you follow some of the rules of the Curly Girl Method, you will learn to love your curly hair.”

At first, the change takes a little time. But it pays off in terms of not having to wash and style your hair as often. It can take a few weeks until your hair has changed and you have found the right products (for you). I am now almost 6 months and even if I have already found very good products for my hair – these are still expandable.

Here are a few photos of how my hair looked BEFORE the method – believe me I thought that would be “beautiful” curls or waves. I have straightened them, silicones, alcohol used and much more what have simply strained my hair.

What do I need for the Curly Girl method?

You definitely need a suitable conditioner and a (large) cotton Tshirt or a microfiber towel. Everything else I would say is optional :). For blow drying, any hair dryer that has a diffuser is suitable – it is best to diffuse the hair only with cold air or low temperature (of course, you can also let it air dry). Likewise, a shower cap is quite practical, as it is recommended to use a hair mask (also suitable) in the beginning about 1x a week and of course to let it soak in. I have found reusable shower caps at DM drugstore market but also Müller.

For styling the hair, you basically do not have to buy anything – here you can easily and quickly make flaxseed gel yourself. I personally do not like DIYs very much, but the flaxseed gel cook yourself is really fast and it is a super care for my hair. It nourishes and moisturizes my hair – but for the hold of the curls you have to take an ordinary gel or similar. Again, of course, the product must be “safe”.

I would say before I still ewig weiterquatsche I show you times briefly my products and introduce them to you a little :). Everything else to the Curly Girl method comes maybe in another blogpost, because this topic is really very detailed. Edit: I started the CURLY BOX – perfect to try out exclusive brands that are 100% safe according to the CGM – no more ingredients checking. I’ll do that for you! Feel free to check out CURLY BOX :).

What drugstore products do you use?

I must honestly admit, at first I thought you need expensive products that are just suitable for the CGM. But that’s not the case – there is plenty of choice here in the drugstores. Unfortunately, there is not quite as much choice in USA as in Germany, but it is quite enough ;). Currently I have several conditioners, masks as well as styling products in use. This is simply because I myself still a little rum-experimentiere with the respective combinations. Each hair is different so I can only recommend you to use rather “few” products in the beginning.

I started with the following products:

  • Balea Wonderful Repair conditioner $1,65
  • Garnier True Treasures Argan Almond Cream Treatment $4,95
  • Flaxseed gel – home-cooked (whole flaxseeds cost about $1.85 and you only ever need about 2. tablespoons)

My opinion about the products

I use the Balea Wonderful Repair conditioner still or already again. In between I already had 2-3 other conditioners but I find them for my hair so far really very good. The cure from Garnier is still in my bathroom, but is always used alternately with other cures / masks.

When it comes to flaxseed gel, I can’t do without it – I use flaxseed gel every time and my hair loves it. It really doesn’t take long to make the LSG. You just boil whole flaxseeds in water until the consistency is about the same as egg whites (slimy a little) and then strain it and let the gel cool. You can freeze the remaining flaxseeds and use them 2-3 more times. Personally, I usually also freeze LSG and thaw this as needed, because fresh gel is only about 1 week in the refrigerator durable. The exact “quantities” can be easily found in various groups.

The LSG serves more for care and unfortunately does not really provide much hold. Therefore, you usually still need an additional gel / wax or the like. Here I have since the beginning of the following gel in use.

  • Three Weather Taft Super Glue Power Gel (about $5).

I have already emptied the gel several times and bought more – it really provides a good result for me. Unfortunately, it is not yet quite the “best” but so far I have unfortunately found no other what with me so good results. I get a good cast from it and the durability is also good. In Germany it costs only about $1.50 – in our country unfortunately a lot more, but it’s worth it to me personally. I know you’re probably thinking gel into your hair now? Yes into wet hair! At first I was totally worried and afraid how it looks now – but with waves or curls it is really “an important step”.

In recent months, but of course some new products have been added. I have already tested several masks / conditioners and gels. It also always depends on the combination, some tolerate better than others. If you want to know which products I have already tested then keep on reading….

Which products from the drugstore do you recommend?

I’ll list all the products that I have already tested and write you a short review, so to speak :). As already mentioned, all products are currently from the drugstore and very cheap. I would recommend in the beginning to work really only with 2-3 products to look what the hair needs.

Conditioners / conditioners from the drugstore:

  • Balea Wonderful Repair conditioner $1,65 – good cheap conditioner, moisturizes well (with keratin) you do not need very much, maintains my hair supple and smells good, price-performance ratio super, I always come back to this conditioner since it is very cheap and my hair likes it.
  • Balea Oil Repair Schwerelos conditioner $1,65 – also very good and fulfills its purpose, unfortunately does not moisturize as well as the Wonderful Repair with me, in my opinion a little “lighter”.
  • Isana Colorglanz conditioner $0,55 (Rossmann own brand is unfortunately only available in Germany) – very good cheap conditioner, I use mostly just to detangle, use quite a lot of it to loosen all the knots.
  • Love Beauty & Planet Conditioner hope & repair $7,95 (PR SAMPLE) – smells very good, nourishes the hair with coconut oil supple and the knots can be easily untangled, is good as a co-wash and also as a leave-in for my hair, seems expensive but you really get a lot of product (400ml) and you do not need very much, is vegan!

Cures/Masks from the drugstore:

  • Garnier Wahre Schätze Argan Mandel Creme Kur $4,95 – solid cure which also moisturizes, is also well suited as a leave-in, the amount lasts a very long time, started with the cure, smells very good and is used again and again with pleasure by me
  • Garnier Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair Food 3in1 hair mask $6,95 (all Garnier Hairfood are Curly Girl “safe”) – very much product for the price, is very well suited for a mask / cure, as a leave-in for my hair too heavy, mix it from time to time with water in a spray bottle for the “refresh” of the hair, price performance very good, is also suitable as a co-wash
  • Balea Winter Protect Balsam hair mask $2.95 (possibly on sale) – rich and cares very well for the hair, smell is a little getting used to – but evaporates, hair feels well cared for afterwards, is also suitable as a leave-in
  • Love Beauty & Planet hair mask hope & repair $8,45 (PR SAMPLE) – same scent as the conditioner, also here quite expensive but perfectly fine from the price-performance ratio, cares for my hair very well and they no longer seem so “split/frizzy”, smell goes away after a while, also with coconut oil and vegan

Gel / care from the drugstore or homemade:

  • Flaxseed gel – home-cooked (whole flaxseeds cost about $1.85 and you always need only about 2. Tbsp) – unbeatable price-performance ratio, you can freeze and defrost without problems, gives the hair a lot of moisture (you can also additives such as oil, etc. reinmischen).
  • Drei Wetter Taft Super Glue Power Gel, about $5 – Super gel for my hair, gives hold and makes a cast, can be kneaded out well, smell takes getting used to – but evaporates, I need unfortunately very much for my hair length (about 1 tube every 6-8 weeks).
  • Schwarzkopf 3 Weather Taft Gel, Ultimate Styling Mega Strong Hold $3.69 (Müller drugstore) – good cheap gel, my hair unfortunately can not tolerate it, as they become very dry and frizzy, must still experiment around with other conditioners, etc., many love it and swear by it (I so far unfortunately not).
  • Three Weather Taft Super Glue Power Gel (about $5) – my favorite gel since the beginning, you need unfortunately already a certain amount therefore high consumption with my hair length, gives a good cast and can be distributed well, my curls hold thereby easily 2-3 days (with Refresh and pineapple).
  • CBD Care & Massage Oil ($34,90 onlineshop CBD Nektar Kosmetik) PR SAMPLE – I use the oil for a few weeks as care and leave-in before my gel, it is also suitable as care for “scrunching” the cast. You really need VERY little, conditions well and moisturizes.


So those were my products so far that I use in my Curly Girl routine. I hope my short reviews could help you a little bit. Before I ramble on any longer I’ll just let a few pictures speak for themselves…what my hair looked like before and what it looks like now with the CGM.

Do you have natural curls or waves? What products do you use for your hair?



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